Take these broken wings and learn to fly
Kurt Hummel. 24 years old. Living in New York City. Majored in Fashion Design at NYU. Working as an intern at Vogue Magazine. Currently boyfriend to Sebastian Smythe. I know, I also question my sanity sometimes. (RP account)

I Do, Just Not Now || Kurtbastian

Sebastian turned to Kurt and grinned as they exited the plane after landing at the airport in Las Vegas, “ready to get drunk, party hard and pretend you’re still in college?” He’d teased Kurt before about going on Spring Break despite not being a student but considering Sebastian was the one who suggested Kurt and he go, it was all in gest.

Kurt looked at him from under the rim of his glasses and chuckled. “Well, tecnically you’re still at college, so I guess it applies for you.” He chuckled, then walked along beside him, their suitcases in hand. “Regardess, this was an amazing idea, Bas. I’ve never been to Las Vegas! Although I wouldn’t be holding my breath on the getting drunk bit on my part, you know?” He shook his head. “I’m a terrible drunk, or so I’ve been told.”

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Valentine’s Day || Kurtbastian

Sebastian was running late. He’d got out of class twenty minutes late, after being held back by the teacher to discuss a previous essay he’d turned in, then the weather had meant the Subway was crowded and he’d got back to his apartment even later than he would have. Cassie had told him in the morning that she’d be gone by the time he’d got back, spending most of the day with her boyfriend (the guy from the party, whom Sebastian had come to not dislike). Wednesday was one of his worst days for classes and that, combined with Kurt’s work schedule meant that they hadn’t had a chance to catch up before dinner. Now he was getting out of the cab at Kurt’s building, a wide, thin box in his hand, and a single rose sitting on top of it. He was meant to be here 15 minutes ago, and he surely hoped Kurt wouldn’t hold that against him. The doorman waved him in, having recognised him from the countless times he’d visited so soon he was knocking on Kurt’s door.

Kurt was frantically working around the kitchen to get things ready. After being let out of the Vogue offices at 5 pm that day, he was now running like a mad chicken to get their dinner going. His and Sebastian’s first Valentine’s day together, and it had to the perfect. The slight OCD that Kurt had, and which he would never recognized, always kicked in when he was nervous or anxious, and that evening wasn’t the exception. Luckily, he had bought all the ingredients the day before, so he had all that he needed already there. When everything was cooking at a proper rate, he got into the shower and got cleaned up quickly, before gettig dressed in black tight pants, with equally tightblack briefs under, a light blue shirt on top, no tie, along with a dark blue vest on top. Hair in place and he was ready just in time to check on the food. What was also lucky is that Sebastian was 15 minutes late than they had agreed to meet, but it was one time that Kurt was willing to let go. The table was set, with two tall glasses and a bottle of red wine for them to drink, when he heard the knock on the door, and he was quick to answer. “Hello, man…” he greeted him with a rather low tone of voice.

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Welcome To The Hamptons, Part One // Kurtbastian

Kurt stood there with his blue eyes wide as plates. “Oh, my gosh… Are you serious?” His eyes went from the dangling keys in front of him to the woman that was now speaking to him. “Yes, I’m serious, Kurt. You and your boyfriend need some serious relaxation time alone, after all you guys had been through. And what better way than to go away together this holiday weekend? Mi casa es su casa…" She smiled at him and next that happened, Kurt was half tackling her in a strong hug, bouncing on the spot, saying ‘thank you’ a dozens of times. It was Tuesday, the day before the long holiday weekend started and they were having a sort of pre-Thanksgiving brunch at Vogue; and now Kurt couldn’t wait to run to Sebastian’s place and tell him the good news.

Sebastian was sitting on the couch next to Cassie, a large bowl of popcorn between them as they watched a marathon of LOST. They were up to the second season and Sebastian had already started complaining about how confusing it was, but secretly he loved it. “So,” Cassie popped a couple of bits of popcorn in her mouth, “are you and Kurt doing anything for Thanksgiving? I doubt you’re seeing your parents.” He laughed, “I haven’t spent Thanksgiving with my parents since I was 14. So, no. But,” he shrugged, “I don’t know. Maybe just hang out. We don’t really have any plans. You?” She nodded, “yeah, I’m spending it with Brad. He’s in town, and since our parents can’t come out. Brother, sister dinner. You and Kurt can join us if you want?”

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You Belong To Me // Kurtbastian

Sebastian had finally - finally - got the all clear from his doctor’s to walk without the crutches. Of course, that meant he had to sit there in an office and listen to them explain what it meant, and what he had to do, and how he still had to turn up to physical therapy once a week, and still had to use his crutches if he felt like he needed them. He just nodded and smiled, resisting the urge to jump for joy. But soon enough, he was out of the office, crutches in his hand, but not actually using them to walk. He wouldn’t be allowed to drive until he retook a driving test, so he hailed a cab, went back to his apartment and dumped the crutches in his closet (hoping never to have to use them again) got changed and then, before he could change his mind, caught another cab to Kurt’s apartment. The two of them had actually been going well for the past month. Cassie teased him about it, but he knew she liked having Kurt around every so often, and he knew she was happy that he finally admitted it. He took in a breath and knocked on the door.

Kurt had just pulled the second of two trays of cupcakes he had baked that Saturday afternoon. He had spent most of the day cleaning his apartment and doing laundry. He ate lunch real quickly, and then started to bake the cupcakes which he intended to bring Sebastian later on. It had been a month since they finally admit they wanted to be exclusive, but they weren’t boyfriends yet; and almost two months since they admitted to have certain feelings towards each other. Talking about baby steps. But he didn’t mind going slow, it was actually a nice change of pace. When he turned the oven off and was about to get change to go to Sebastian’s place, there was a knock on his door. Curious as to who that might be, he went quickly and opened it, not even half expecting who was there when he did it. “Sebastian? What a great surp—” He looked down at him, and then up. And down again. “Oh my god… Oh, my god!!” He started bouncing on the spot, clapping his hands.

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What Are The Odds? // Kurtbastian

Sebastian: Text: Hummel, I know we haven’t really spoken the past two weeks but can we catch up tonight? I’ll buy the drinks.

Kurt: Text: I’ve been busy, sorry. Yeah, sure. Where?

Sebastian: Text: I wasn’t asking for an explanation, I was just stating a fact. And the bar on West? 7pm.

Kurt: Text: Whatever. Ok. See you.

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A Sneak Peek // Kurtbastian

Sebastian was sitting on the couch, watching some bad western flick from decades ago because there wasn’t really much else on. He wasn’t particularly paying any attention to it though, he was just waiting for Kurt to bring home the food because he was starving. He’d skipped lunch because he really hadn’t felt like it at the time. He’d had his therapy session today - not physical therapy either. The kind they try to get you to talk about your feelings which Sebastian wasn’t keen on but it was part of the program. He usually sat there silently, shrugging along with the questions asked of him, gaining several sighs from the person asking him. And afterwards he just hadn’t felt like eating, so he’d snacked on some potato chips half way through the afternoon but it wasn’t exactly fulfilling. He reminded himself to give Kurt some money to cover the takeout, and also some of the other takeouts he’d bought during the week. He heard the lock click and sighed in relief. “Please have food,” he called out.

Kurt had picked a good amount of Tai food, even if he had joked about bringing him sushi. He opened the door and found Sebastian already waiting for him. “No, I bring you the gift of my soothing presence. Of course I brought food. Tai, I hope you like it.” He walked to the kitchen table and started to empty the bag on it. He had had a long and hard day, so he was looking forward to some food, a relaxing shower and a good night of sleep. It was Friday evening, and even if he didn’t have to work the next day, he had a lot of things to do with his day.

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Cassie just called and said she’ll be gone for another week.

Guess who gets stuck with the Grinch for another seven days?

Nah, I’m kidding. Physical therapy is going well, slowly but good. I’ve no doubt he’ll be chasing me  out of the apartment in no time.

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Roommates // Kurtbastian

Sebastian sighed after hanging up the phone, looking around the apartment. He needed to clear up the cereal but he just wasn’t in the mood for it now. He figured he could get back to it in fifteen, twenty minutes, but for now he was still starving. He went into the kitchen, ignoring the crunch of the cereal under the wheels, and opening the fridge. He grabbed out an apple, and a chocolate bar. They each contridicted each other, but they were both quick and easy so it would do. He went back in the living room, watching the television while he ate the apple and chocolate. After finishing them, he resigned his avoidance of cleaning up the cereal, picking up a dustpan and broom, attempting to sweep it up.

Kurt paid the cab driver and stepped out of the taxi in front if Sebastian’s apartment building. On his hand, he carried two re-usable bags filled with two containers each, and one hand he carried a tray from the coffee shop place with two smoothies. He walked into the building and got into the elevator, up to where Sebastian’s place was. The stubborn man he was, Kurt was determined to help his… friend, him out; even if he was pretty sure it would come back to bite him on the ass. He walked up to the door to his apartment, which he remembered from him mentioining sometime, and after taking a huge breather, he knocked on the door.

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State of Slumber // Self-Para

Coma. Stable, but in a coma. The words that he heard from the other side of the phone when Cassie finally brought herself to calm down and explain, were still ringing into Kurt’s brain, as he ran from his apartment to the hospital Sebastian was in. He couldn’t be bothered with taking a cab, too much traffic. The images of the wrecked car were burned inside his brain, as he ran as fast as he could towards the hospital. When he got there, he gave Sebastian’s name to the nurse at the counter, and she told him that only family were allowed with him. Needless to say, that cause him to put on the biggest possible bitch face he had on his repertoire, but he huffed ‘ok’ and sat at the main lobby, to try and see if he could find out anything further. That was when he saw Cassie. They met, talked, had coffee and Kurt had to swallow a lump when the reality of how sick he was sank in. 

For the next two days, Kurt would come and go from the hospital, using his lunch hour to go there and he ate at the visitors lounge at the hospital. When he asked once again about his condition, and the nurse told him that he was well enough to have a few visitors, he ran upstairs and found the room quickly but stopped on the spot when he saw that Cassie was there with him. He took two steps back and went to the other side of the hall and sat by the stairs. He had seen the girl was crying, bitching to Sebastian, telling him to wake up, and he decided not to interrupt that moment between friends.

From that day on, and for the next two weeks, it became Kurt’s routine to spend whatever time possible at the hospital. Even at nights, when he would sleep for brief periods at the ER’s waiting room. It dawned on him that no one came to visit Sebastian, only Cassie and him. And it pained him. It pained to understand, somehow, the hardness of his heart. He never give anything because no one ever had give anything to him, so fair is fair. Kurt took upon himself to not leave him alone. Whatever happened, Kurt didn’t like the idea of Sebastian being alone, and he thought that being there for him, was just a little something he could do.

So it was, when the final days of that second week were coming to an end, Kurt fell asleep for a little while on his usual chair at the ER’s waiting room, when he felt a light tap on his shoulder.

"Mr. Hummel… Mr. Hummel?"

Kurt blinked his eyes open. “Yeah…?” Then he recognized the male nurse who Kurt had told him to please let him know of any change. He stood up as if he was on a spring, eyes widened in fear. “What? What happened?”

"You should come with me, please…"

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The Hand Of Fate // Self-Para

Kurt had decided to stay home for the rest of the afternoon, mainly because there was a meeting of the main people at Vogue, which meant that all the interns and other employees were off for the day. He had gone out only to go to the coffee shop, only to find his coffee paid for and a very Sebastian-like note attached to it. It still made him chuckle every time he thought about it. He took a long shower and slipped into his silk pajamas (he still wore them from time to time), then sat on the couch, tablet in hand, to sort out his schedule for the following week, plus he needed to mail a couple of designs to the office for them to have them first on Monday. 

Leave it to the ever trust worthy server to go down when you  need it the most. He groaned at that and sat the tablet aside, willing to take a ten minute or whatever break until the server was up again. He grabbed the remote to the TV and started to shuffle through the channels, trying to find something with which he could kill some time. He stopped at an undetermined station because of the perfume commercial that was on, he loved that one. Not so much as the commercial was over, a woman’s face appeared on the screen.

"In local news, a terrible accident ocurred today on the streets of Manhattan. Apparently, a speeding truck, which also had no breaks functioning, slammed into several cars that were waiting for the green light to move on…"

Kurt kept on watching, his eyes side at what he was looking at, then the woman gave the queue to her collegue on the scene to talk next.

"Thank you, Claire. "We’re live at the scene where just a while ago, the ambulances took several of the injuries to different hospitals, but as you can see behind me, this car here suffered the harder hit to the side…"

Kurt’s eyes widened.

"… The victim from whom we don’t know the name, was pulled out of the wreck with weak vital signs…"

He felt his heart clenching inside his chest. It hurt.

"… and we still don’t know…"

Tears were falling from his eyes, his shaky hand over his mouth as the initial shock sank in. The news man didn’t know the name, but Kurt immediately recognized the car, or what was left of it, from its plate. NYS-123. He knew it by heart. He had worked on that car. He had rode in that car.

It was Sebastian’s car.

Snapping out of it, Kurt grabbed his phone and dialed Cassie’s number, which he had from the time they met each other at the clothes store.


"Cassie, this is Kurt."

"Oh… Kurt…"

"Which hospital is he in?"


"Where is Sebastian, Cassie?"

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